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Alishia’s Kiss Klinic

Kiss Klinic Micro Needles

Kiss Klinic Micro Needles

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Kiss Klinic Micro Needles feature ultra-fine micro needles to guarantee a painless and precise application. Their delicate texture allows for maximum absorption of skincare products, delivering intense nourishment and hydration. Perfect for any skin type. The Tinysoft Microneedle is an innovative single use aesthetic device, which enables a nearly painless and accurate injection into the dermis. The microneedle is made up of 3 silicone micro-cones of 0.3 mm, making the needle 4 times smaller than a normal injection needle. Furthermore, the needle improves client comfort and minimizes the risk of bruising. Note:The one item we are selling now is 1pcs Nanosoft Needle, not a whole box as shown in the picture. If you need to buy one box, please place an order of 30pcs.

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