Mission Statement The mission of ALISHIA’S Kiss Klinic is to deliver a customizable, Royal experience, designed to meet your individual treatment, customer service, & training & needs.  At ALISHIA’S Kiss Klinic we are dedicated to providing a healthy, safe experience using only high quality, brand name products, while mimicking your natural face structure!  Our mission is clear, we aim to make you a loyal customer by providing you with a Royal experience.  We stand behind every service, every product, and every training, 100%.

  • Lash extensions are the safest form of false lashes that can be applied to your natural lashes without causing any damage as long as they are properly applied. Lashes can range from any length, short to long, and come in a variety of colors.

  • ”Lip Service” is a cross between lip blush (tattoo lipstick) and lip fillers (needless @ pain free)! We also offer lip neutralization for those who have “dark lips” and want to permanently lighten their lips. A topical numbing agent is used.

  • What’s better than waking up already beautiful with lash extensions? You guessed it, permanent brows. These are tattoo brows so there’s no need to worry about then coming off, ever.

  • Unlike your ordinary mentorship program, Alishia has a proven track record, where she has been known to help assist any entrepreneur into scaling their business, and helping to build their confidence, giving them the necessary tools to be successful and flourish in their business.

  • Feeling “stuck”? Need help with your lash business? Marketing? Need motivation? Need assistance with creating anything? Trying to build credit? Coaching calls can help with any of these things and so much more.

  • Alishia will use her skills as a licensed, master educator to recognize and fulfill all needs of students. With her experience in training thousands, she will guarantee that every student walks away with the knowledge and confidence needed to dominate their industry! (All trainings come with complimentary 90 day support)

  • Ask about our “Elite” program. This is our program for clients and customers who have been with us for a while and are eligible for free VIP perks including recurring appointments, complimentary snacks, wine, champagne, and calling to schedule vs booking online.

  • I’m sure you have heard about our seminars and brunches. Any special event that we’re hosting or plan to have any affiliations with can be found here.

  • Have a question or concerns? Feel free to contact us!

  • Who is Alishia? Want to know my story? Check it out now...

  • Need PMU supplies? Lash supplies? Manuals? Worksheets? Everything we sell we use on site… so we make sure we have the highest quality & best supplies.